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Block-by-block air quality for communities

Aclima measures air quality where people live, work, and spend time with friends and family. Our approach to air quality mapping provides visibility into people’s lived experience of pollution. This new picture of air quality illuminates how pollution impacts people’s health and lives in our communities.

Look up hyperlocal air pollution by address, share insights, and access resources to take action.

Driven with care by drivers from the community, Aclima uses fleets of low-emission cars as a roving sensor network. Equipped with our cutting-edge air quality sensing devices, cars continuously collect and map air quality and greenhouse gas levels as they drive through city streets. The resulting data provides a block-by-block view of air quality that enables people to see pollution concentrations near their home, school, work, and other places they visit regularly. Insights includes measurements of air pollution and climate change gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitric oxide (NO), ozone (O3), particulate matter (PM2.5), and black carbon.


San Diego Communities

Spring 2019 (March - June)

Summer 2019 (June - September)

Fall 2019 (September - December)

West Oakland

Summer 2019 (July to Sept)

Fall 2019 (Oct to Dec)

Richmond - San Pablo

August - October 2019